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   Education International

Education International (EI) is the voice of academics worldwide, representing 100 national organisations that, all together, give voice to more than 3 million university and research personnel working in the higher education and research sector. In Europe, EI is represented in 36 of the 46 countries participating in the Bologna Process.

EI aims at strongly defending the exercise of academic freedom, the protection of intellectual property rights, the advancement of terms and conditions of employment linked to the right of all education personnel to collective bargaining. EI promotes the advancement of higher education and research, in particular through the implementation of the 1997 UNESCO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Higher Education Teaching Personnel icon external link.

EI and the Higher Education and Research staff unions of Europe welcome and support the Bologna Process as a means both of protecting and enhancing higher education and research across Europe and of increasing transparency and mobility. Although we welcome the emphasis on quality, we assert that this will require greater public investment in the system and its staff if quality is to be sustained and enhanced. 

In 2005 the EI Pan-European Structure was recognised as a consultative member of the Bologna Follow-up Group – through this official recognition, academics are now able to have a direct input into the process. Before the Bergen ministerial summit EI produced a study on icon pdf “The Role of Academics in the Bologna Process”.

EI contribution to the Bologna Process