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Flanders is the northern Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The capital city of Flanders is Brussels, which is also the capital of Belgium and the European Union. The rich history of Flanders is reflected in the architecture and atmosphere of historical cities like Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and others. Today Flanders is an internationally oriented knowledge region keeping pace with the latest scientific and technological developments.

Higher education in Flanders

In Flanders there are 6 universities and 22 university colleges. They offer a broad range of study programmes. Dutch is the main language of instruction and most bachelor programmes are offered only in that language. Nevertheless a considerable number of master programmes and internationally oriented courses are offered in English. It is also possible to pursue Ph.D. studies in English or another widely spoken European language.

Higher education institutions require proof of English or Dutch language proficiency for the programmes taught English or Dutch respectively.

How to choose a study programme?

It is important to know that the Flemish government keeps record of all recognised higher education programmes in the so-called “Higher Education Register”. If a programme is officially recognised, it means that it is trustworthy and complies with the quality/accreditation standards set out for the European Higher Education Area in the context of the Bologna Process. In case you discover a  study programme which is not included in the Higher Education Register, you should realise that there is no official guarantee on the quality of the education offered.

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Visa requirements

For students coming from certain countries visa are required. In order to know which visa requirements are applicable to you, please contact a nearby Belgian diplomatic post. Addresses can be found at the following website:

New procedure for students from the P.R. China

All information on Study in Flanders

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