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What is the value of your foreign diploma in Flanders?


The recognition of equivalence of foreign diplomas in Flanders is payable since 1 September 2013.

NARIC-Vlaanderen: who are we and what do we do

NARIC-Vlaanderen is responsible for recognising the equivalence of foreign study certificates:

  • recognition of foreign diplomas of higher education;
  • recognition of foreign diplomas of adult education;
  • recognition of foreign diplomas of secondary education.

You can contact NARIC for the professional recognition of teaching diplomas (EEA teachers). NARIC also issues certificates to holders of Flemish diplomas abroad.

NARIC is the information centre responsible for giving information on the recognition of foreign certificates delivered for degrees obtained in higher education, higher vocational education, adult education and secondary education. NARIC-Vlaanderen also provides information about Flemish and foreign education systems.

NARIC stands for “National Academic (and professional) Recognition and Information Centre”.


Apply for equivalence? Please use the NARIC Step-by-step guide!

The step-by-step guide has been developed to help you choose the right procedure in a simple and clear manner. On the basis of your personal situation, you go through a number of stages in order to find the right procedure.

How does the step-by-step guide work?

On the basis of your personal situation, you answer the questions step by step.

You start with step 1 and go chronologically through all the steps. The number of steps you have to go through depends on your personal situation.